January 18, 2021


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Video Messages from St. Andrew

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Click here to access our YouTube Worship video message from Pastor Fred on:

1-17-21 Epiphany 2 - 


1-10-21 The Baptism of Jesus


1-3-21 - Christmas 2 - In the Beginning was The Word


12-27-20 Lessons & Carols


12-24-2- Christmas Eve - Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ - God's Son come to live WITH us... Emmanuel.


12-20-20 - Can you bear Christ to the world like Mary?  Join us for the 4th Sunday in Advent to hear this special message.


Enjoy a Special Christmas Concert from our Minister of Music beginning Friday, Dec. 18 at 7 pm on YouTube:  Here


12-13-20 - Are you ready to be a witness?  3rd Sunday of Advent - John the Baptist send us another message this week and challenges us to be the best reflection of Christ to our communities.


12-6-20   Repent!  Change your ways!   The message of John the Baptist might be more timely than ever this year if we reflect on our behavior over the past year when dealing with COVID19 and a contentious election year.  Listen for Pastor Fred's message on this Advent lesson.


11-29-20 - Be prepared!  The King is coming!  And yet God dwells within us now...challenging us to be Christ in a hurting world...to tell the Good News.  Are you ready to tell the story? Are you ready to welcome the newborn King?


11-22-20 - Christ the King Sunday - Join us for a worship service provided by the NJ Synod of the ELCA as we jointly worship and proclaim Christ as King.


11-15-20 -  What gifts have you been given?  Are you using them and growing them for the glory of God?  Or do you hide your light under a bushel?


11-8-20 - Are you ready?  Have you prepared for what's coming?


11-1-20 - All Saints Sunday - Martin Luther said we are all saints and all sinners.


10-25-20 - A Reformation Worship Service from the Central Cluster of the NJ Synod of the ELCA


10-18-20 Give to Caesar what is Caesars; Give to God what is God's,


10-11-20 - 19th Sunday after Pentecost - You are invited to a heavenly banquet...will you RSVP yes?


10-4-20 Feast of St. Francis & St Clare 


9-27-20  17th Sunday after Pentecost -  How often do you say yes to someone and then turn around and not fulfill that obligation?  Or, do you say no, and then knowing you really should, then go and do what was asked?  


9-20-20 16th Sunday after Pentecost -  God's love and mercy is boundless, and his generosity is unmatched, and therefore not for us to judge.  While it may seem sometimes unfairly dispensed, aren't we equal beneficiaries when we are not worthy?


9-13-20  15th Sunday after Pentecost   How many times do we need to forgive someone who has wronged us?  Today's Bible message is difficult to hear.  Listen in for some insights...


9-6-20  14th Sunday after Pentecost - How do we resolve conflict in the Church?  We're often very passionate about the Church and how we do or see things.  So what do we do when we're at odds? 


8-30-20  13th Sunday after Pentecost - What are we called to do as followers of Christ?


8-23-20 12th Sunday after Pentecost - On Peter's confession of faith, the Church was given its mission.  Are you fulfilling the call?


8-16-20  11th Sunday after Pentecost - Is the love and mercy of God meant for everyone?  Listen to the story of Jesus and the Canaanite woman...


8-9-20 - 10th Sunday after Pentecost - Do you struggle with the challenges of today's stormy world?  Does your faith uphold you, or do you sometimes have doubts?   


8-2-20 9th Sunday after Pentecost - The Feeding of the 5000 - What are we hungry for?


7-26-20  8th Sunday after Pentecost - What is heaven like?  Where is God's Kingdom?  Jesus gives us glimpses in parables.


7-19-20  7th Sunday after Pentecost - How do we deal with evil in the world? How do we live among it and thrive?


7-12-20  6th Sunday after Pentecost - Come to Summer Camp!  The staff at Crossroads Retreat Center an Outdoor Ministry of the NY Synod of the ELCA and the Episcopal Diocese of Newark.


7-5-20  5th Sunday after Pentecost - A worship service prepared by the NY Synod of the ELCA.


6-28-20 - 4th Sunday after Pentecost - We are sent into the world to be Christ to the world.  What do others see when they see you?  Do they see Christ?


6-21-20- 3rd Sunday of Pentecost - Father's Day - If God cares even for the sparrows, how much more does he love you?  For He knows the number of hairs on your head.  Each of us is a beloved child of God.  We are ALL equally loved in the sight of God.


6-14-20 - 2nd Sunday of Pentecost - Are you being called to be a disciple?  The Holy Spirit has filled you now go and share it.


6-7-20 - Trinity Sunday - a joint worship service from the congregations of the Central NJ Cluster of the NJ Synod of the ELCA.


5-31-20 Pentecost Sunday - The Holy Spirit comes to the disciples and upon us all


5-24-20 Ascension Sunday - Jesus returns to the Father and promises to send His Spirit


5-17-20 6th Sunday of Easter - Worship & Message - You are not alone.  Wait for the Holy Spirit


5-10-20 5th Sunday of Easter -Mother's Day - Worship and Message - Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life


5-3-20 4th Sunday of Easter Worship and Message - Jesus is the Good Shepherd


4-26-20 3rd Sunday of Easter Worship and Message - Jesus meets us on the road to Emmaus


4-19-20 2nd Sunday of Easter Worship and Message - We've got lots of fear and doubt lately, but we're not the only ones


4-12-20 Easter Sunday Worship and Message


4-10-20 - Good Friday - Messages from the Pastors of the Central Jersey Cluster of the ECLA


4-5-20 - Palm Sunday Worship and Message


3-29-20 - Raised from the dead, nothing is impossible - a message for our times 


3-22-20 - A Man Born Blind, a message in the face of the corona virus