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Our ministries are varied as we seek to use the gifts and talents God has given to each of us for the ultimate goal of His glory.  Each ministry is made up of a team of people with a passion for serving God, St. Andrew Lutheran Church and the people around us. Perhaps you see a place where you can use your gifts and talents for the glory of God.  Don't hesitate to talk to a team leader.



The leadership of St. Andrew is made up of several groups of people with gifts in the area of leadership.  Our church council is made up of our Pastor, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and nine elected congregation members.  Our team leaders are the lead representative from each of the below listed ministry teams.  Our mutual ministry team meets to provide support for the Pastor. Our day care center board is made up of five congregation members and two parent representatives from Children's Circle.  The paid staff of St. Andrew include the Pastor, the Minister of Music, and the Church Secretary.  Additionally, all staff of Children's Circle are ultimately part of St. Andrew but are accounted for within the separate budget of the child care center.


Worship & Music

This ministry team seeks to provide a spiritually fulfilling and uplifting worship experience that is faithful to our Lutheran heritage and still relevant to people seeking a relationship with God in the pressures of today's world.  Read our Worship & Music page to learn more.


Christian Education

As Lutherans, we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that, as such, we are to study the Bible and discuss its meaning for our lives through intentional study.  Our inner being seeks to be in relationship with God and this is most easily accomplished by getting to know God as He has defines Himself in the Bible.  We offer Bible Study for all ages.  Read more details on our Christian Education page


Ministry in Action

This ministry team offers perhaps the easiest way to see how we do God's work, with our hands.  In this area of ministry we strive to serve others as Christ has demonstrated and called us to do, reaching out to those in need within our congregation, in our community, in our nation, and in the world.  Read our Ministry in Action page to learn about all the service ministries we offer at St. Andrew.



Evangelism is the process of "telling the Good News of Jesus Christ" to a seeking world.  We do not go out knocking on doors.  There are many other ways we can use our gifts and talents to tell our own "God story" to the world...and it doesn't hurt one bit.  Read our Evangelism page to learn more about how we tell our story.



Everything we have and everything we are comes from God.  Stewardship is our response to God's abundance. 


We are called to give back to God a portion - a thank offering - of what He has given to us.  We are to give of our time, talents and resources, so that God's love and mercy can be multiplied and shared with the world...so that we can do God's work, with our hands.  Stewardship is a year-round endeavor, but in the Fall we focus our discussion on our financial stewardship as we begin to prepare a budget for the upcoming year.  Within the Stewardship team, our finance team coordinates all the financial data and planning to prepare for monthly council meetings, audits, reconciliation of St. Andrew and Children's Circle finances, and budget preparation.  Read more on our Stewardship page.



We are a community of believers, and in that community we have a lot of fun together.  Fellowship opportunities are many at St. Andrew and we invite you to read our Fellowship page to learn more about the ways we connect with each other and enjoy our faith lives together outside of worship.  Please also check our News & Events page for upcoming events.We hope you'll join us at one of these events.


Property & Facilities

The church of God is made up of the people of God, but it is more comfortable to have a nice place in which to worship.  In 2005, we completed a major construction project to erect a building that actually looked like a church, allowing us to use our old church building for a fellowship hall.  In 1994, we built a day care center to provide much needed quality Christian child care for our community.  But it takes people (and stewardship) to maintain our church and school buildings, grounds and facilities.  The people of our Property team are indeed a blessing to our St. Andrew faith community and we thank God for their gifts of workmanship and hard work.  There is always room on the team for anyone who can offer a few hours of love and labor.